Reasons Not to Not Bully Fat People

When is it ok to bully fat people? Read to find out!

Dances With Fat

Bullshit FairyI saw a video today about a woman who was bullied because she was fat. It was one of those click-baity  “You won’t believe what she says next!” things.  It turns out that what she says is that she used to be much fatter.  In this case we’re told that it’s wrong to bully fat people if they are in the process of getting thinner.

Much was made of a study that found that bullying fat people may lead to weight gain. People suggested that if bullying was going to make us fatter, then maybe people shouldn’t bully fat people (of course plenty of people took to comment sections to argue that nothing should ever get in the way of people’s right to bully fat people.)

Then there are people who suggest that we shouldn’t bully fat people as long as they are “trying” – whether that means eating the…

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