Quirky, Fat & All That

Somehow, over the last few years, my mother has surpassed my knowledge of the internetz. She has got this blogging thing down pat. In years to come it will be she who has to help me check my Facebook (or whatever social media giant exists in 20 years) and not me helping her. I am feeling very intimidated by all the buttons available to me on the wordpress website. Things will happen when I click them but I can’t be sure what they will be so I am happy to treat this tool as a glorified version of MS Word for now…at least until I test the blogging waters first. You never know what could be in there.

In my usual style of putting the cart before the horse, I have started a blog without a clear idea of what I would like to write about. Most of the blogs I follow
are extremely topical. There’s a purpose (or as I like to say, ‘porpoise’) to be reached with each sentence. I am not quite there yet. Not to say that all my posts will be dull and pointless but the subject matter of this blog is likely to be pretty broad (like me).

So now that you don’t know what to expect we are in the same boat and I am your captain and you should all be terrified because I have no idea how to drive this thing. All I know is that it’s my boat and you can’t have it. Welcome aboard. Cocktails at 5.


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